Staff Directory

About Our Staff

Emmanuel United's staff and minister are dedicated to serving the needs of the Church and would be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can! Feel free to call the church and speak with our office administrator, or you may contact a staff member directly below.

Church Office Hours: 9am - 12pm Mon-Fri
Phone: 519.253.8791
Fax: 519.253.8791

Minister Emeritus


Rev. Sadekie Lyttle-Forbes 519-253 8791 or 519 984 2608
We welcome the Reverend Sadekie Lyttle-Forbes to Emmanuel. Sadekie can be reached by email, or through the office or cell phone numbers listed.    

Office Administrator

Melissa Yau 519-253-8791
Melissa provides the welcoming voice on our telephone and the capable organization of our office. Melissa is in the office Tuesday through Thursday from 1:30 -4 and Friday from 1:30-6 p.m. 

Musical Director

Nicholas Morvay
Nick is a gifted musician and brings leadership to our Music Ministry.  We welcome people to join our choir.

Sunday School Coordinator

Kris Gosselin
Kris Gosselin oversees the active Sunday School Program at the church.  Volunteers provide a weekly Sunday School program for children of different ages. 


Dan Gurney
Dan brings a cheerful and smiling face to our church and keeps our building gleaming.