Accept the Love of God (Part 1 of Month's series - Road of Acceptance)

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January 3, 2016

Texts: Jeremiah 31:7-14

Ephesians 1:3-14

John 1:10-18

Prayer of Illumination

I remember watching the movie 2012 in 2009 and thinking that these people have an active imagination. It is not possible to get there…is it? Now that we are long past 2012 and have now begun 2016, I think anything is possible! I am looking down the road to see what will 2025 look like.

That is how it is every year that we start we look back and plan forward. Whether we like it or not what is past is past and it is time to move on. Time to begin a journey that leads to unknown places. What are we to do? We have to pick a path and follow it. How do we move forward? Let us move forward with acceptance. Acceptance that whatever lies ahead is in God’s hands. As we begin to fully embrace this New Year and all that comes with it. Let us take the step to accept the love of God.

It is through accepting that God loves us for another year that we will be able to:

- face whatever comes

- enjoy whatever comes

- confront whatever comes

- cope with whatever comes

- overcome whatever comes

What makes God’s love so different from the love of others?

What makes God’s love so powerful?

What is about God’s love that can help us deal with what lies ahead?

Three things..


God’s love is a RESTORING LOVE

God’s love has the quality according to the sentiments of Jeremiah 31 to bring people together from all areas of life:


(a)        From the land of the north, from the farthest parts of the earth. One could say that God’s love is able to connect those people who feel distant or disconnected

(b)        The blind and the lame are those who by virtue of their circumstances are trapped and cannot experience this empowering love

(c)         Those with child may be seen as those who carry burdens

(d)        Those who labour – may be seen as those who live in constant pain, waiting for something wonderful to happen but it has not happened yet

(e)        God’s love brings together those who mourn and those who need to be consoled


With one purpose to restore, to bring about a refreshing of hope (like the effect of walking by a brook).


Not only is this love a restoring love is also a REDEMPTIVE LOVE


Paul reminds us in Ephesians 1 that before the foundation of the world we were chosen in Christ Jesus in love. All we have to do is accept this redemptive love.


By this redemptive love we are saved.


By this redemptive love our future or destiny is sealed.


By this redemptive love we have unlimited access to forgiveness to the riches of his grace


By this redemptive love we have hope. Hope that in Christ we will live!


As long as we live, we commit ourselves to live so that God’s name may be praised.


It does not matter what happens in 2016, God’s redemptive love will be there to keep us saved. “Love wonderful love, the love of God to me, love wonderful love, so rich so full so free, high, high as the ocean, deep, deep as the sea, high, high as the heaven’s above his love to me”.


I invite us to enter 2016 accepting this restoring, redemption and RECEPTIVE LOVE.


John 1 tells us that Jesus was not accepted by his own people but that did not prevent him from being receptive.

To all who received him, to all who accepted him, who believed in his name, he gave the power to become children of God.

Enter 2016 knowing that God wants a closer relationship with you, that by accepting this receptive love, you will be filled with grace.

The world did not know Jesus, we have the opportunity to know Jesus better through Scripture, through personal and corporate prayer, through our fellowship and working together to meet needs in the world.

It’s time to move on…its time to accept the road ahead. I believe that we need to begin the journey by accepting this restoring, redemptive and receptive love that God has prepared for us long before the world began.

As we make this first step, let us extend our hand and place it in God’s hands. Let God love you more deeply in 2016 through Jesus Christ.