Attitude of Gratitude Part 1: “Don’t forget your manners”.

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Sermon October 4, 2015

Attitude of Gratitude Part 1:

“Don’t forget your manners”.

 Luke 17:11-19

We start with ten men who have the worst disease of their day. The physical ramifications are horrendous. Leprosy attacks the body, leaving sores, missing fingers, missing toes, damaged limbs. In many cases, the initial pain of leprosy gives way to something more terrible than that - a loss of sensation in nerve endings, leading to more damage to more body parts. On top of that, the disease is contagious so once infected you are confined to another place to stay with other persons until the disease has run its course. The disease can take 30 years to run its course, and in that time span, entire limbs can simply fall off and they had a stomach turning smell. It is, assuredly, a most horrible disease.

The emotional pain of a leper, however, must have been even worse than the physical pain. Being taken away from family and friends must have been painful.

Lepers tended to roam together, looking for food, begging for assistance from a great distance, learning to yell in loud voices, both from the need to warn others, and to beg for help from across the way.

 In this account, we hear of ten male lepers meeting Jesus, and hear him say the most unusual thing. "We want to be well!" they scream at Jesus. And the great teacher responds, "Go and show yourselves to the priest."

The local priest had duties other than leading worship on each Sabbath. He was also something of a health official. If a person was miraculously healed of leprosy, it was up to the priest to inspect the body, to test for a complete removal of the disease, and to announce the person healed. In such cases, the person would have been cleansed, and at that point, it would be fine for the leper to see his wife again, to hold his daughter again, to look for work again. If the priest gave him the OK, he would be healed!

Now, Jesus says to these lepers, "Go and show yourselves to the priests."

As they headed off in search of the priests. And on their way, they were healed. And they continue on to the priest.

In this story…mid way down the street as one of the lepers seeing himself healed, stopped and went back to  Jesus, and lifted up praise to God.

What is the lesson here?

When God has helped you, healed you, delivered you saved you, don’t just move on, don’t just continue like nothing has happened…stop and say thanks to the source before you go show yourself off...

We are not saying thanks because God’s needs our thanks, we are saying thanks because it is right to say thank you when someone does something for you.

I want to us to note that Jesus expected thanks:

"Where are the other nine?" Jesus asked.

Saying thanks makes the giver feel appreciated, not saying thanks is disappointing to the giver.

So this week don’t just move on like nothing happened , don’t forget your manners…remember to say thanks.