Pressing On...

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The following message, on Sunday January 18th ,2915  was based on Philippians 3: 14:

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

The Christian life is like a race; more precisely, the Christian life is a race in which we actively seek to follow Jesus, continuing to  grow in faith and move to   become more Christ-like,  keeping  our eye on the goal of becoming the best we can be in and through Christ.

If we’re in a race, especially a long-distance one, we run laps toward the finish line. 

Here are the LAPs  to think about as we press on to the goal of following Jesus. 


        Learn…. to follow Jesus,  each day taking the opportunity to be open to where God is calling us.

       Act…. as representatives of God, being mindful that we are often the window through which others can see and know God. 

P          Participate… in God’s world by relating to others in the same manner as     Christ did, through our compassion and kindness for others. 


We learn, act and participate in God’s world with and through the Spirit of Christ, with his measure, our goal.

Dr. John Palmer