Reflecting on Mr. Holland's Opus- Small Choices

We all have dreams? Watching Mr. Holland practice conducting his Orchestra reminded me of that. The life happens and you have to made choices.

Choice #1: Get out of bed!

Choice #2: Go to that job that you may not like but that pays the bills and sometimes it isn't that bad.

So the question is, how can we choose to live in a situation that we do not like but we have to be?  

Here's one idea...

How about instead of harping on how much stuff sucks, try thinking of how to make things better. One small thing, one person, that by helping them, it would make your day, your work, your life better.

What do you do if you want space? here goes that choice thing again!!

1. stay where you are and complain

2. throw stuff out

3. find a new space

How about doing something COMPLETELY out of our comfort zone!

My point?

When life throws you a curve ball, you make a choice:

a) cry fowl and throw down your bat

b) close your eyes and swing

c) open your eyes, look straight at the ball and swing like you mean to hit it out of the ball park. Even if you miss and that was your third strike, at least you can say you tried.

Making choices is about taking risk for the sake of making positive change. What risk to take is also a choice. Some choices are a test of ones honesty with oneself, while others are not even about us, but about our capacity to choose to unselfishly, so that by making others happy, you reap the rewards of your own happiness. 

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