Advent One Hope - Be Aware, Be Alert, and Go With It Service

Sunday, December 3, 2017 - 10:30am

Christmas is the wonderful time of the year.  It can also be the busiest time of the year.

Household projects are often prefaced by the appearance of equipment.  Paint and brushes, or garbage and boxes, or sewing machines and cloth can all be signs of what is coming; much like new leaves on trees prepare us for spring.  

Mark refers to these signs of things to come in Chapter 28.  These signs guide us about what is coming next and what next to do.

Be on guard, be alert, do not be caught unaware, and watch for visitors.  This text is a response to those who claim they know when the world will end and when Jesus will make himself visible to us at the end of this age.  Mark says the angels don't know and Jesus himself doesn't know.  God will not tell Jesus when - He's on our side.  

Can you imagine the commotion of the first Christmas.  A senior finds herself pregnant, a virgin finds out that she will be the mother of the Messiah, an engaged man finds out that his fiancee is going to be pregnant and it's not his child, shepherds see angels, wise men following a star to find a baby born in a stable only to have his life threatened so that his parents have to escape to a foreign land?   What a commotion.

This Christmas take Mark's advice.  Be on guard, be alert, do not be caught unaware, and watch.  In the midst of your Christmas commotion, know these three things.

You have God's grace to deal with it.  You have been enriched in every way to be able to respond to any commotion that comes.  

He will keep you firm to the very end so that you won't fall apart, you will be able to keep your composure and not be overwhelmed.

God is faithful.  Jesus is your friend.  So when the visitor at the door arrives or something you didn't plan on happens; go with it, don't panic.  Be so that you don't lose your breathe, watch for the signs of commotions so that your are prepared..

Let Hope be your fall back plan, let Joy be your fuel, let Peace be your mindset, and let Love be your motivation.  Then Christ will be in the center of your Christmas commotion.