Christmas Eve Evening Candlelight and Communion Service

Monday, December 25, 2017 - 8:00pm

This evening we joined to celebrate the birth of Jesus with families and friends.

God comes to us in the cry of a child, God comes to us in the whisper of a loving mother, God comes to us and abides in us. Let us worship the God who has come, is coming, and will come.

We enjoyed the liturgical dancers presentation to Mary Did You Know.  

Rev Sadekie spoke tonight about the specialness of the birth of Jesus in a stable.  Watching the Crown gives us a glimpse of how difficult it must be to be royalty.  You can't follow your passion, you can't do the things you love to do,  you can't love the way you want to, you can't be with the people the way you want to.  And that is why Jesus had to be born in a stable and not a castle or palace.

Jesus' birth in a stable symbolizes three things.

Jesus is accessible.  There are no barriers to accessing Jesus, no protocal to follow, no need for an invitation.  Every person is able to go to Jesus whenever they want, however they want.  The shepherds could never have had a chance to see jesus if he had been born in herod's Palace.

Jesus is available for every cry, concern, and thought.  he is always open all the time.

Jesus is amiable.  Jesus is approachable, non-judgemental, all embracing.  There is no person in a sty so horrible that Jesus will not kneel down and help them through the trouble.

Tonight we celebrated Jesus' birth with our Prayers of the People, supper at His Communion table, and ended in Candlelight singing Silent Night.