Sermon: Better Way of Giving – Expectant Giving

Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 10:30am

The last three weeks we been talking about giving and the kind of givers we should aspire to be.   The extravagant and selfless is driven by gratitude and compassion and love.  The reliable giver is driven by commitment and consistency and the recognition that God is relying on each of us to do our part. The motivated and joyful giver gives from the heart, a heart that recognizes how blessed they are, how privileged they are, and how gracious god has been to them, and they want to share that blessing with others. 

This week through our readings in Malachi 3 and II Corinthians 9, Rev Sadekie lead us to understand what the mindset of an expectant giver is supposed to be.

The first expectation we can have is resources.  God speaking through Malachi says when you bring me your gifts, test me and see.  We are free to challenge God, to test him.  He has promised us that he will provide us with the resources that are needed for the work he wants us to do.

The second expectation we can have is that God will brings us blessings.  Being blessed means being able to do the right thing.  The good feeling that comes from dong the right thing, from doing good to and for others.  Those who we give to are blessed and they offer praise and thanksgiving to God for us.

The third expectation we can have is that God will provide us with security.  We do not have to worry, when we give, about whether we will have enough.  No one has ever gone broke from giving.

And lastly our scripture tells us that we will reap what we sow in the same spirit as we give it.  If you gift someone even though you don’t want to, or later lament something that you gave; then the gift does not result in a feeling of blessing.  But if you give something with the spirit of  wanting to give it then you don’t feel loss because you gain.

The extravagant, selfless, reliable, motivated, joyful, and expectant giver is simply an obedient giver.  The giver who in response to the gospel of Christ embodies the example of Jesus in how they give their time, talent, treasure and testimony.  For Jesus has given to us exactly, and what he has given he asks us to give to others of ourselves.  So, I challenge us to test and see what the Lord will do if we will be obedient.