Sermon - The Big Three

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 10:30am

This morning found David Chandler in our Pulpit, while Rev Sadekie took a well deserved rest following the Lenten and Easter Season.

Our scripture this morning was taken from John 20: 19-31, which talks about Doubting Thomas.

Dave began his talk with Charlie Brown appraoching Lucy at her Psychiatrist Stand.

Charlie Brown was full of Hope, Doubt, and Fear and needed someone to help him understand.

Lucy walked him through his feelings about the little red haired girl by comparing his feelings to Thomas feelings after Thomas missing seeing Jesus at his first appearance. Lucy diagnoses Charlie Browns problem and then at his further insistence helps him understand what he should do to solve it.

Then Dave appeals to Lucy himself about his own hopes, doubts, and fears of what comes after death.

The conversation between Lucy and Dave reminds in a profound way that we have nothing to fear for God is always with us and always in control.

Our mantra this week and always needs simply to be; I Believe.