Sermon - Palm Sunday What's In It For Me?

Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 10:30am
This Sunday we celebrated with Aidan Brooks as he was confirmed into adult membership in the church and sealed it with communion.

Rev Sadekie spoke about Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem in a sermon entitled What's in it for me? This question is essentially asking for a determinaiton of worth. Is what you are asking me to do worth my time and effort?

This question was asked of the chief conspirators by Judas when they asked him to betray Jesus to them. Judas was offered 30 pieces of silver and he accepted it beliving that it would be enough money to make him feel better about what he was about to do.

We need to learn from Judas that to betray our faith, leads to delayed guilt. A kind of guilt that can cause us to disconnect from God.

But there is Hope of forgiveness. Jesus' entry into Jerusalem was charged with hope. Hope that he would free them from Roman rule. Hope of salvation.

Jesus took the punishment due to Barabas and also the punishment due to us.

By His sacrifice, Jesus gave us reconciliation with God.

Having Jesus makes everything worth it, because with Jesus we have hope.