Sermon - We're All In This Together

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 10:30am
Our Pentecost service this past Sunday was a service full of celebration and excitement for the future. Due to its length, it has been broken into two podcasts marked A and B on our website.

Our Pentecost service featured our liturgical dancers, who danced to two pieces of music. We are truly blessed to have such talented young girls who share their talents and faith with us.

On Sunday we gratefully heard the results of our hard work and faith during our pasta dinner fundraiser on Thursday for Becky. God truly showed us His presence, His goodness, His power, and His strength by hearing our prayers and rewarding our faithfulness.

This morning we celebrated with a lot of people;

First Rev Sadekie blessed a tremendous group who have birthdays and anniversaries in June. We invite you to submit your names to Melissa in the office to be added to our lists.

Second Kris Gosselin thanked our Sunday school teacher volunteers with flowers and cards.

And last but certainly not least, Cathy and Barb celebrated Rev Sadekie's affirmation into the United Church of Canada. Cathy and Barb blessed Rev Sadekie before the congregation, and bestowed upon her a new stole, an all season liturgical stole entitled "Joyful".

Rev Sadekie then thanked the congregation for their support. She told the congregation that she continues to pray for us and invited us to continue to pray for her. She explained that she received her ordination stole in 2007, and so this year on her 10 year anniversary of ordination she has received her "Canada" stole. For her admission service she wore a white communion stole made by Mary.

Rev Sadekie gave an inspiring sermon this morning about pentecost and what comes next.

Acts 2 talks about a gathered group of people who hear each other speaking in their own languages.

Pentecost symbolizes the empowerment of those who serve to do the work of ministry. When God anoints a leader to do work, a portion of that anointing is passed on to those who will serve with the leader. Even though those who have not found their purpose, and even those who know their purpose and choose to be elsewhere are anointed.

Pentecost is a reminder to leaders that they need the Holy Spirit's empowerment to lead, but they also need the support of anointed people around them to build the kingdom of God on earth. And that is why we are in this together.

No one person has the endowment and the skills and the capacity to do the work of the church. We all need to do it together, especially in the church where so few are paid to do God's work. God's church is run by those who choose to do the work. The church is run by volunteers, those who are anointed by the spirit to give their time, their heart, their money, and their effort.

The Holy Spirit enables the people of God to speak the language of those who they seek to reach out to. The speaking of tongues is elicited from within us, for the purpose of connection. The Holy Spirit gives us the capacity to literally see deeper into people’s hearts. The Holy Spirit guides us to call those we care about who need to hear from us. The Holy Spirit allows us to hear what we need to hear when Rev Sadekie speak on Sunday.

People will come to know Christ as Saviour if we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.

Rev Sadekie affirmed her commitment to lead our church on our journey into the future. She believes that if 250 people can raise $11,000 in 2 1/2 hours, not because we are wealthy, but because we did it together; there is nothing we cannot do. Are you for a wonderful journey with God that is lead by the Spirit? Are you willing to be empowered and endowed and enabled with the capacity to build the kingdom in ways that we have never conceived or imagined? We can do it with God's grace, for with God all things, everything is possible.

We are in this together. Rev Sadekie is in. Are you?