Sermon - What Time Is It?

Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 10:30am

In the dialog between Ezekiel and God, he asks if there is any hope for the dry bones before him.  The answer comes - Only God knows.

Sometimes it seems in our lives that there is no hope, that all our prospects and options have dried up.

But God has a different plan.  God gave Ezekiel assurance by His word.

God tells us   Don't worry about anything, but in all circumstances let you requests be known.  Could it be time to speak life into our situations that we are just about to give up on?  Is it time for speaking words of affirmation, of healing, speaking positive words rather than tearing down and destroying words.

Or is it time to recognize when we have reached our limit.  Ezekiel recognized that he could not discern the difference and turned it all over to God.  Martha didn't realize that she didn't recognize her limit.

Reaching your limit does not mean throwing your hands into the air and quitting, or curling into a ball of silent despondency.  Rather, it is to recognize when we need help and seek after it.  

A pursuit of seeking God's intervention.  Maybe it's time to be more concerned about following Jesus' instructions rather than assessing the chances of their success.  Maybe it's time to just do what Jesus says, and not think that we must always be in control of the output.  Maybe it's time to focus on the Word we need to proclaim, rather than the receptiveness on the people we are trying to reach.  Maybe it time to put the outcome in God's hands, and focus on the quality of our input.  

Or is it time to stop putting a limit on Jesus' ability.  Martha limited Jesus' ability to heal on Him being present.  She also limited His healing power to sickness.  She failed to believe that Jesus' could address death.  

Jesus is our All in All.  In life, in death, in life beyond death He is with us.  

If we let Him, He can be there with us in times of temptation.  The apples on our table from the first Sunday of Lent remind us that temptation is always there, but we are never alone, Jesus is there giving us the strength to resist.

If we let Him, He can be there with us during the storms of our lives when the winds of problems and calamity are blowing us over.  Our pinwheels from the second Sunday of Lent remind us He is our anchor, holding us firm, even when we are blown.

If we let Him, He can be there with us when we thirst for something more. Our water from the third Sunday of Lent reminds us that He can provide meaning and purpose and direction, he can inspire us and direct us, provide insight and encouragement.   He can provide that satisfaction.  

If we let Him, He can be our companion when we face dark times.  He can be our light from the fourth Sunday  of Lent.  He can be our guiding light in the valleys of our life, giving us hope even when we can not see the outcome.  Giving hope if only to know that when all else fails, God is in control.

If we let Him, he can be our life and our resurrection, He can bring us out of dire situations.  Our dry bones on the table remind us that when we feel irredeemable, unsavable, unlovable, unhelpable, He can restore us to that place where we belong.  He can be our All in All.

It is time to let Jesus do what he came to do.  Let Him save you, save us.  May we read the time in our lives and not delay in making the best of our time doing in our lives what needs to be done.  Let us not put a limit on God's capacity.