Sermon - Why Did Jesus Come? : He Has Come To Deliver Us.

Sunday, January 28, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning we continue to consider why Jesus came.  We read the scripture of Mark 1:21-28.

Jesus is in Capernaum teaching on a Sabbath, he has already called the first set of his disciples.  It is important to recognize that the Sabbath is both a day of rest and a day of worship, and that the synagogue is not the temple.  The synagogue was a place where the scripture could be read and taught and where students could ask questions after each reading.  It was in this context that Jesus sought to preach the gospel.  Mark tells us that people are amazed as they listen to Jesus.  We would say that Jesus blew them away with His teaching.  That the insight of what He taught blew their minds.  We don't know what He taught we are told that he explained the word of God with authority.  He also acts with authority.  

In the first century, everything bad that happens is blamed upon unclean spirits or demons.  The truth is that the overemphasis or the place of unclean spirits in the midst of human tragedy removes personal responsibility. Because if we are honest, a lot of the wrongs we do had no help from any outside influence.  They are the product of our own self centred opportunistic greedy ambition.

Jesus is interrupted by a man with an unclean spirit.  We don't know much about this man, other than that he was in the synagogue.  But Jesus doesn't spend a lot of time in conversation with this man, He doesn't answer the question, He simply tells the spirit to be quiet and to come out of the man.  This whole scenario blows the people away again and Jesus' fame spreads.

When we listen to the news, it is difficult to deny that darkness and evil is pervasive.  It is difficult to deny that some of the things going on in this world need nothing less than divine intervention.  We are told this story in Mark to show us that Jesus not only has authority, He also has the power to do what He was sent to do.

He has come to deliver us from any destructive force or structure that stands between us and our experience of God.  He has come to deliver us from our tendency to tolerate toward wrong doing. even in the face of witnessing the damage it inflicts on people.  This man was in the synagogue and no one did anything about it until Jesus came and put a stop to it.   So many evil things happen in our sphere of influence that we know are wrong and we do nothing about it.  

Jesus has come to deliver us from the negative memories that haunt and prevent us from living and loving freely without suspicious and distrust.  Jesus has come to deliver us from evil, from making evil decisions that lead to evil outcomes because the kingdom is His and He has the power to do it. And He expects us, the people of God, who know the right, to do the right thing and deliver others.