Service: Better Way of Giving - Reliable Giving

Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 10:30am

This week we continue from looking at Extravagant and Selfless Giving against the background of Remembrance Day last week to our talk with Rev Sadekie this week which concerns Reliable Giving.

What does it mean to be a reliable giver?  Who is a reliable giver?  Today we expand our definition of a reliable giver being someone who gives to the church and its missions on a regular basis, to include someone who gives additionally to meet needs in the community that we discover.   Can God depend on you to pass on funds, he gets to you, to the needs of the community?  In other words, how much money would God have to provide to you, for you to give the church $1000?

Two questions to answer for yourself to determine your level of reliability.

Am I committed giver?  Jesus says when you give, not if you give because God is relying on us to give so that others can get.  A reliable giver's commitment is to ensure that they pass on the blessing that they have been given, even when they do not have much.   The widow in Mark, gave her two coins in faith that God who provided those two coins would continue to provide for her.  She gave because she knew that by giving those two coins she was blessing someone else.

Am I a consistent giver?  Do I have a set guideline to follow?  We do not have the strict rules of the Old Testament.  The New Testament emphasizes tithing and offering as a manner of conscience.  Jesus in Matthew challenges the scribes about the reliability of their tithes because they are inconsistent in being just, in being merciful, and in being faithful.  2 Cor says each of you must give as you have made up your mind.  Here the consistently is not someone imposing, or imploring, but rather self determined.  The challenge is only to live up to one’s own decision.

Reliable giving is the best way to give because it is the way God gives.  In the story of the labourers, the land owner pays each one the pay that was committed to each one.  It was not dependent on how much work they did. 

If there is a need in the community to be met, can God depend on you, that if He gets the funds to you, then you will deliver it?

God commends all givers, the wealthy and the poor widow.  And He says to whom much is given, much is expected.  And blessed are those who give out of the little that they have.

We are challenged to become reliable, consistent, and committed givers.