Service - Easter People Walk in the Light

Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning Rev Sadekie asked us how many were afraid of the dark.

Many people are afraid of the dark.

The dark contains shadows, the illusion of monsters.  And the monsters from movies we watch and books we read can become the monsters we fear are in our closets and under our beds.

Even the illustrious Steven King writes his scary books during the day.

From the earliest times of the bible we as a people have understood that evil thrives in the dark and wrongs are covered in darkness.

In 1 John, John writes as a wakeup call to his people, to evaluate themselves, to ensure that they are living in the Light.  He writes “God is Light, and in God there is no darkness.”

Those who walk in the light have fellowship with God.

Fellowship is about relationship, an unbroken relationship of love and trust.

We relate to God through conversation. prayer and through interaction with creation.

We are in relationship with God through scripture.  Through scripture we are able understand and follow Jesus, because we are exposed to what He did, how He did it, and how He said it.

If you follow Jesus, you are following the Light.

Unfortunately it is so easy to turn form the light, to turn into darkness, and that is when we are likely to sin. 

Light is positive energy, positive thinking, and forgiveness; darkness is anger, rage, grief and frustration.

It is easy to make that switch; all you have to do is turn away from prayer, to turn away from scripture.

John says walk in the Light, not just stand in the Light , but Walk make it an active part of your life.

But should you find yourself in a dark place, the beauty of the gospel of Jesus is that there is always a way out.  Like Thomas, seek proof of the light.  Remember who you are, you are a part of the Easter People.  Jesus is not afraid of our doubt, He is not afraid of our sorrow and anger, our fear and our grief.  But we have to have relationship with Him, to be open enough to say I need proof, I need evidence, I need you to remind me why I believe this.

There is no sin in doubt, there is only sin in staying doubtful.  When in doubt we need to seek for answers.

We have a Jesus as our advocate.  We tell Jesus the truth and Jesus will advocate for us to the Father.

Remember who you are, you are a part of the Easter People.