Service - Embracing Who We Are

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning Reverend Sadekie spoke about status, specifically our status as Children of God, taken from the scripture 1 John 3 1-7.


Everybody likes status.  It’s nice to have perks to appreciate, to be seen above others.

A variety of factors influence our status.  Status is defined by society and the social circles around us.  Status can change minute to minute depending upon on where and who we are with.  Status can be acquired or achieved.  It can give us a sense of pride, and can come with perks.

Status can come with perks or labels.

Status can come with appalling treatment of those considered to be nobodies.

Labels are assumptions that come with a name, a title, a financial level or a circumstance.


John writes in a Jewish superior context.  In his time, being a Jew, made you superior to everyone else.  But Jesus had revealed to John that was absolutely amazing.  Jesus cut down the status of the Jews.  Jesus including every person into the kingdom of God, by calling everyone a Child of God.  Behold what manner of love the Father has given unto us.  That we should be called the children of God.  We are all equal.


We take on a status and assume the right and privilege to exclude.  Jesus does not exclude anyone.  He expects us to include everyone and treat them all equally with love and compassion.

The status of being Children of God raises us up, gives us hope in this life, that we can make it a better place, and it gives us hope in the next life.  Being a Child of God gives us the responsibility to act like Him, to love like Him.  Jesus challenges us to be a better people.

As Easter people we need to embrace who we are; a Christian with all the power to make this world better.  Embrace your endowment of love, hope, and compassion in this world even as we prepare to go to the next.