Service - God Calls: A Job With Your name On It

Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 10:30am

Last week Rev Sadekie spoke about baby Moses being sent down the Nile River in a basket to Pharoah's daughter, and his mom Jochebed became his nurse.

In the intervening chapters, Moses grows up, kills an Egyptian who was abusing an Israelite slave and has to go on the run.  He runs to Midian where he saves Jethro and marries Jethro's daughter Zephorah.  

Our scripture today picks up with God speaking to Moses through a burning bush while he is tending sheep in a field.

All the events in Moses life have worked to set him up with the skills and character to perform the task that God is about to give him.

From this story, we learn several things.

The first is that we need to be open to have a conversation with God just as Moses was.  God in the bush called to Moses by name.  God called to him and spoke with him.  Moses had a life, a family, responsibilities; but he was open to hearing what God had to say. We need to understand that God will use us where He plans.  Everyone has issues and shortcomings, but God knows these and works with them to allow us to do great things.  Moses had self esteem issues, family issues, and many questions.  God gave Moses time to process and answers to his fears and questions.  We need to understand that we are preoccupied by many things in our lives but only productive in a few.

God told Moses to take off his sandals as a sign of respect for the sacredness of the land where God is.  We need to approach our conversation with God with reverence.  Bare feet allow us to connect the earth and grass more fully.  Hat and caps off in church show our respect for the sacredness of God's house.  God was calling Moses to a specific job, not a post  God calls us to a job, a duty, a responsibility.  A term not a life sentence.

Lastly, Moses and the burning bush reminds us that we must not cover our fear of failure with excuses of inadequacy.  We must stand tall and trust that when God calls us to a job, he will not only gives us the necessary tools, but stand beside us through it all.