Service - God Delivers: Caught Between a Rock and A Hard Place

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 10:30am

This morning Rev Sadekie started with an overview of Moses' life so far.  From his birth during a time when Pharaoh has ordered the deaths of all Israel newborn boys.  To his interaction with God in a form of a burning bush, when God gave him a job with his name on it.

Our scripture this morning covered 6 chapters and for time efficiency and impact it was performed earlier in the service.  I invite you to listen to it on the service podcast.  This scripture covered the warnings, signs, and plagues that the Egyptians suffered while Pharaoh refused to release the Israelites; the eventual release of the Israelites; their flight across the land chased by Pharaoh; and their ultimate escape through the Red Sea.

During this scripture the Israelites found themselves in between a rock and a hard place.  With the Egyptians following closely behind them and te Red Sea before them.  

When we find ourselves in this position, between the rock and a rock place there are three mentalities which often prevail.  Rev Sadekie lead us through the prevailing three and then offered us an alternative in the form of a fourth more positive and productive mentality.

The Pharaoh Mentality prevails when, despite the fact that, we are cornered; we refuse to give in or change a decision we have made through pure stubbornness or pride.  Despite plagues and death Pharaoh would not release the Israelites even though it would have removed him from his precarious circumstances.  Often in our own lives we refuse to give up smoking, or drinking, or overeating, or hating someone; even though that one decision would release us from our self-inflicted bonds.

The Israelite mentality takes over when even though we have come through scary circumstances again and again.  We find ourselves in a difficult situation and our first response is to cry out and complain to God.  To blame God and want to return to our previous state.  The Israelites saw the Red Sea and turned on Moses, telling him that it would have been better if they had never left the Egyptian slavery.  They could only see their prospective deaths with no hope in their hearts.

The Moses mentality occurs in us when, despite the fact that, God has told us that he is always with us and that He will always supply us with the resources we need.  We forget what we have in our fear.  We forget that he has given us faith, and prayer, and a supportive community; and we feel alone and forgotten.  Caught up in our circumstances we feel so overwhelmed that we forget to see where we are.  God told Moses that he would be the one to lead the Israelites to freedom and He gave Moses his staff.

To often we allow these mentalities to add to our strife and we forget to trust in the One who has a plan and a path for our lives.

Rev Sadekie urges us to follow the Jesus mentality.  The mentality that allows us to remember that God is always with us and will give us a way out if we will only look for it.  Look up to God and climb out from between your Rock and a Hard Place.

We may be pressed but we will never be crushed.