Service - Palm Sunday Why Did Jesus Come?: To Be our Blessing in Disguise

Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 10:30am

Palm Sunday’s readings launch one of the most momentous weeks in 29AD. 

The last time Jesus was in Nazareth he raised Lazarus who had been dead for 4 days.  That news had spread and people are waiting anxiously to see what he would do during this visit.

People surround Jesus waving palms and throwing down their clothes for him to walk over on his borrowed donkey. 

They had no idea who Jesus really was; they hoped he was more than the man who rode on a donkey; they hoped He was the Messiah come to right the wrongs of their world, to put the Romans straight, to show them who was boss. 

These people did not know the full extent of the blessing that He brought in disguise.  For He was Hope in disguise, Salvation in disguise, Redemption in disguise. 

Often, we think that our blessing with come wrapped in beautiful and awesome ways.  Most of the time, in reality, it takes a unique lens to see the blessings in our lives; in unusual and unexpected places. It is easy for us to see Jesus as a blessing in the good times.  But when the scene changes, how easily we forget what Jesus meant to us and did for us.

The people who wave the branches and sing Hosannas today are the same people who will cry “Give us Barabus” and call for His crucifixion.

The awesome thing about Jesus is that He will not abandon us even when He knows that we will abandon Him.  He will not take it personally when we deny knowing him personally.  He will not curse us, even when he knows that we will not hesitate to curse him when he does not live up to our expectations.

In spite of what Jesus knew was coming He rides into Jerusalem resolute to go through and fulfill the purpose for which he came, to die for our sins so as to right the wrongs and remove the wedge that existed between humanity and God. 

For in Jesus is everything that we could ever need; a King, a Saviour, a Friend, and our All in All.