Service - Religion that God Accepts is this... Fair in business, Keeps ones word and Persists in prayer.

Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 10:30am

Sadekie brought us wisdom from James in his final chapter this morning.

James speaks to the wealthy in Chapter 5.  He cautions them (and us) that money is temporary and addictive.  He reminds us them (and us) that it is important to invest in the right things.  He asks them to be generous and if they can't be generous then they should at least be fair.  They should not live in luxury at the expense of others, just because they can.

James goes on to speak to the exploited.  He reassures them and recommends that they be patient for the Lord`s coming.  He tells them that calling out unfair behaviour is one thing.  But he says that this practice must be done in a wise manner.  A person in an unfair situation must not cuss out those who are unfair in a way that they themselves may end up judged for.  You have to be careful not to burn bridges you may need later when you call out another for what you see as unfair practices.

When you let God correct the problem; your integrity remains intact and the problem is addressed.

God holds us to our promises and oaths, so we must be very certain we can follow through when we make a promise.  And since we don’t have the capacity to uphold an oath in God’s name; we should never swear to God.

The final nugget of wisdom in James 5 concerns prayer.  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.  Prayer offered in faith has healing effects. 

We need to pray persistently and positively.