Service - Road to Healing: Forgive and Forget

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 10:30am

(Be aware that Rev Sadekie left the pulpit at 8min and you may have to turn up your volume to hear her; as she left her mic.)  This week Rev Sadekie taught us in a visually stimulating way.  Along with her verbal preaching she gave a very tangible look at what our emotional and spiritually baggage of issues looks like.  

Rev Sadekie opened with prayer, and then came out from behind the pulpit unloading bags of various sizes.

She had a bag of issues from her sister, from her mother, and a small bag that was new just for the stuff that had been done to her this week.  She reminded us that a minister should lead by example, and so she brought her issues.  She reminded us that we "need to carry around our issues with others, in order to keep them fresh, so that we don't let others 'off the hook'".

Today we talk about forgiving.  In the past weeks, we have learned about identifying our hurts and letting it go.  The natural progression leads us to identify the who or what caused the pain in the first place.  And that is when we prepare The List.  The List of all those who have hurt us.  As we can see from Jesus' teaching there are 2 things to remember .  First, forgiveness always seems to have reciprocal or neutral terms.  In the Lord's prayer we say forgive others because we have been forgiven.  Secondly, forgiveness is always a choice.  The Master in our scripture forgave the wicked servant his debt.  And in turn the wicked servant refused to forgive his fellow servant his debt.

When we are hurt, it is inevitable that we will feel that that person owes us something.  We have a right to restitution, to an apology, and we feel that the other person must pay down that debt.  Jesus says we must choose to forgive 490 times per person.  Look at the people on your list.  Have you reached your quota for forgiveness for those people, there is always more space for forgiveness, and don't forget yourself.

Why should we forgive? First,  Jesus says that if we find it hard to forgive others, it will be hard for us to receive forgiveness from God.  Second, every person who you don't forgive, that debt weighs on you; dragging you down, occupying your emotional space, filling your mind, disturbing your sleep, tackling your sleep; keeping you away.  Where there is unforgiveness in your life; you suffer.  

When Rev Sadekie left the pulpit and her mic - she went down into the congregation with her bags of issues and show how difficult it is to do daily tasks when weighed down.

With forgiveness, you can shed your old self, your old issues, and become more like the image of Jesus.

Then comes the most difficult part; the forgetting.  The forgiving does not make the hurt disappear.  The test of forgiving lies with healing the lingering pain of the past, not with forgetting it.  But once we truly forgive someone, the healing that follows places a growing distance between the person you've forgiven.  You dn't forget somethign because it happened.  You take each issue at a time, deal with it with forgiveness, and let it go.  Eventually, the pain with diminish, but that can not happen unless the forgiveness occurs.  Not only do we have to be willing to take the baggage off, we have to be willing to get rid of it altogether.

So how does you list look?   Who's on it?  Even though who have died, it's not about them, it's about you.  Forgive, so that the work of forgetting can begin.

Next week is our healing service, and we will concentrate on Moving On.