Service - Road to Healing: Let It Go

Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 10:30am
We continue our journey on the road to healing this week.

Whether you were hurt as a result of rejection or abuse or a family disfunction or a toxic relationship or a church encounter or a romance that went sour or the betrayal of a friend or family; hurt recent or ancient, clear cut or confusing; it is unhealthy spiritually, physically and mentally to have hurt bottled up. For healing to come, we have to release ourselves of it, we have to let it out.

It is commendable that we have managed to endure hurt for so long, the hurt and pain of years; it is even more commendable that we are able to endure hurt for doing good, for being trusting, for giving someone the benefit of doubt. The reality is that hurt has likely left a scar, a wound that has effected our capacity and willingness to do things that are good for others. This can reduce our capacity to do good to the next person that comes along. Once bitten, twice shy.

It only takes one act of betrayal, for us to treat every person we meet with suspicion. We do a disservice to ourselves to leave these scars unattended.

Last week Sadekie challenged us to admit that hurt existed, This week she is inviting us to feel it, and to release the emotions connected to it.

Mary and Martha's pain in our scripture today was not just about the pain of their brother's death but also that they believed that if Jesus had only moved faster He could have saved their brother. They were disappointed with Jesus, part of them was angry. Unapologetically they cried in front of Jesus, releasing all of these emotions.

This morning, our hurt may be physical, emotional, or spiritual, towards God. Whatever the case, let it out, openly, unashamably. We want to let Jesus to know that we are not okay, that we need help, that we need an intervention.

In our scripture, Jesus wept, He was deeply moved, troubled by the pain of Mary and Martha. Likewise, Jesus shares our pain and hurt. Like Mary and martha moving the stone from Lazarus' tomb, we must release our hurt and give him access to our hurt so that we might be healed.