Service - Road to Healing : Moving On

Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 10:30am

Today we finalized our sermon series on Healing with a service which included prayers and anointing and blessings for those who desired it.

Rev Sadekie spoke on the the scripture in which Jesus spoke to ten people stricken with leprosy.

Jesus did not go to the lepers and he did not touch them.  However, as soon as Jesus instructed them to go, they ran.  They were ready to move on, they were waiting for the word. They were tired of suffering, tired of being broken, of being ostracized, of beig cast out.  They wanted to be made whole.  So  long before they saw the physical evidence of their healing, they had decided that Jesus' word was enough.

They had enough faith to act, to move on.  We can choose to ignore the hurt, and stay where we are, it's a choice.  We can choose to keep it in, to not forgive, to hug those hurts and memories close and refuse to move on.

Or we can move on in faith, patient faith, faith that as we move on the pain, the dysfunction, the feelings, will diminish until they no longer have the effect on you.  We can move on in not only faith; but in gratitude.  Like the 10th leper who returned to thank Jesus.