Service - Why Did Jesus Come? He Has Come To Fight Our Battles

Sunday, March 4, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning our scripture brought us to the Old Testament reading of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20, and the New Testament reading in John 2:13-22 where Jesus clears the Temple.

The Jesus we read about this morning is not gentle, he is not meek and mild.  When the disciples saw this side of Jesus they must have been relieved.  Relief that the man they had chosen to follow was not all-talk, relief to see that He can be a man of action.

Acting in a angry, unyielding way often does bring about the change in behaviour we desire, however, that change is generally short term, with things returning the their undesirable normalcy before very much time has passed.

Long term, lasting change requires consistent systematic pressure.  So what is it that we can take from this story if not the fact that Jesus' behaviour is not what he wants us to mimic.

First, we must understand why Jesus was so upset.

The selling occurs in the outer court of the temple, the area called the Court of the Gentiles.  The area where the Gentiles were meant to worship.   Having animals in this area made the area defiled and rendered it unclean.  The Jews often figured that since they considered the Gentiles unclean, the animals and Gentiles were in good company.

This area became one more concerned with paying than praying, more concerned with commerce than communion, more concerned with weighing than worshiping.

And while they didn't speak for themselves Jesus was willing to take on the battle and fight for their right to have a place to pray undistracted by the market of the Jews.  He fought for their right to dignity in their space of worship.

Jesus highlighted that a notice of eviction was coming.  The fact that the temple would be destroyed and replaced by a more open option.  

You are more important that what you have; more valuable than what you bring.  

Jesus clears any space, fights any battle that comes between us and our relationship with God.

Come unto me all those who are heavy laden and let me give you rest.