Service - Why did Jesus come?: To Send Us To Minister To Others

Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning we prayed to our God who is quick to love, quick to forgive, and quick to relent if we would only embrace Him.  Our scripture this morning from the book of Mark is a story of immediacy.  With immediacy Simon and his brother Andrew leave their nets to follow Jesus.  With immediacy James and John, leave their nets and their father with his hired hands to follow Jesus. 

We to, who are called to serve, are sent to others with a message.  What can we learn from the disciples’ response - urgency.  If ever there was a time, for us to be sent to others with the word of encouragement, it is now.  There is a need for the message of positive uplifting focused voices that echo Jesus’ words more than ever.  Jesus said Come follow me, and I will show you another way to transform relationships.  He sends us to be the voice that helps, that heals, and enhances. 

If you are like Simon and Andrew, you don’t have to worry about what you were doing when Jesus called, because it will be there when you return.  And if you are like James and John, you don’t have to worry about what you were doing when Jesus called, because you can leave it in capable hands. 

The story of Jonah, is of a man who is called to deliver a message from God to the city of Nineveh.  Jonah has no intention of delivering message.  He runs away from the duty on a boat.  The boat runs into a storm.  The sailors conclude he is the cause of the storm.  He is thrown over board and swallowed by a whale.  While inside the whale Jonah changes his mind, and decides to deliver the message.  The whale throws him up on shore and he makes his way to Nineveh.  Jonah delivers the message from God.  Nineveh believes him and repents by wearing sack cloth and ash.  God sees the change in Nineveh and changes his mind. 

Jonah’s story teaches us that we should never miss the chance to deliver God’s messages.  To make a difference, to live differently.  We can get so caught up in our anger, that we miss the opportunity to receive a second chance from God, or to give a second chance to someone else.  We are reminded today that we have another chance to make things right.

Jonah’s story also teaches us that we should be open to letting others know either implicitly or explicitly, that their unhealthy habits will catch up with them.  In warning a person, we are able to raise their consciousness about that thing.  Even if the warning doesn’t change the person’s behaviour, you will have done the person a great service.  A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT.