Service - Why Has Jesus Come?: To Call Us To Serve.

Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 10:30am

This morning Rev Sadekie continued with her series discussing why Jesus came into the world.

Today she focused on the fact that Jesus calls us to serve.

There is always something to do, and people are constantly being called to serve in one capacity or another.

The process of being called can be considered as a spectrum. 

At one end of the spectrum are those whose calling is to help those who need to figure out what their calling is.  Like Eli in our scripture these people are hearing the invitation to use their talents for the building of the kingdom.  Listen to others for clues.  Do people consult you?  Do you see the potential in others?  Nurture them.  Encourage them.  These people have characteristics that include warmth, good listening, motherly care, compassion.  They use their gifts to help others identify their call.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who are called to serve.  Those who find the signs and signals that lead them to where they belong.  God shows them who to coordinate their call into their everyday life.  To use the same principles you use in your daily life to further the kingdom.

Do not let your preconceptions delay following your call.  

Serving in the kingdom takes a leap of faith.  Anyone can do the kingdoms work we need to trust that the One who calls us to serve will work out the rest.  Jesus came to show that service is not as much about skill, as it is about the openness to believe enough in Him to trust Him to lead and guide us in fulfilling our purpose.  He came to show that there is no room for those who do not act even in the midst of skepticism.  Come and see for yourself even if you are a skeptic.

None of us who follow Jesus serve alone. There is always someone with us on the journey.

Answer the call for service, Show up.  Greater things are to come.